Black Sails: A Starz Show With Sexy Pirate Babes


It’s about time that a television studio has produced a pirate show, and the one that Starz produced recently features sexy pirate gals, looking oh so sexy!!  Black Sails  finally hit the small screen on the 25th of January.  If you don’t have Starz as one of your cable channels you certainly need to get it.  I actually have all of the television channels on my cable TV selection, but if I didn’t have Starz I would go out and get it now.

Have you ever read the book treasure Island?  Way back Robert Louis Stevenson wrote this book and it was about pirates, buried treasure, and adventure.  Well, apparently Black Sails is a modern day prequel to the Treasure Island story.  And from the looks of things it it a big hit.  I know there is a trailer on YouTube that you can check out and if you scour the net you will find quite bit of info about the story.  But I know I know, you come here for the sexy pirate babes, right?

black-sails2-webOk, one of the gals that is starring in this show is Hannah New, Hannah Plays Eleanor Guthrie woman who runs the Pirate Island from which all adventure springs forth.  At the time of the show Eleanore has a relationship with another character Max, the fact that this is a female-female relationship is actually kinda exciting if you now what I mean, especially in the light that she had a previous relationship with one of the male characters Charles Vane and English Pirate Captain sailing the waters.

Let’s just be frank Max, played by Jassica Parker Kennedy,  is a prostitute.  She is also Elanore’s lover.  She is good at what she does, an manages to use her smart, and sexy wiles to blackmail John Silver, one of the Charles Vane’s right hand men.  As far as sexy pirate wenches go max is one of the I am so looking forward to seeing what they do with this fine lady.  So far, she is my favorite of the sexy lasses that have been shown.

based on the fact that it is on Starz I’m sure that they have a lot of leeway on what they are going to show and what kins of sexiness hey will allow.  We will see.

black-sails6-webThe third pirate babe that has made an appearance is Ann Bonny, played by Clara Paget.  Ann is a celebrated female pirate.  She is one of Captain Vane’s sexy pirate hired associates

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Black Sails features sex, nudity, and lots of violent.  I like it for the sexy pirate gals.  You will have to tell me what you think.


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Sexy Pirate Costumes For My Wenches


I don’t remember if I told you but one of my hobbies, besides admiring sexy pirate babes, is photography.  Up until now I have been looking far and wide on the internet for sexy pirate lasses.  I’ve looked at sexy pirate movies, talked about sexy pirate actresses in movies, discussed pirate cocktails, even featured a sexy pirate stripper pole dancer.  How about this Pirate Flames friends, how about I go out and find my own sexy gals, dress them in sexy costumes, and photograph them?  Would you like that?

Ok, I guess the first point of order would be to find the sexy pirate costumes.  Where does one find a sexy pirate costume?  I know on Halloween I went out and there were plenty of sexy costumes to be seen.  I even saw a few sexy pirate gals.  I asked one where she got her outfit and she told me there is a company in Arizona called where I can buy sexy pirate costumes for women.  So I visited their sites, and sure enough they do.  Imagine that a store that is totally devoted to pirate items.  The things you find on the internet.  Ok friends, I have lifted what I consider to be the best costumes  that I saw, give me some feed back about which ones you would like for me to find gals to model. I will then go out and find some pirate wenches and snap some flicks.  Then I will put them on display here for all to see.  You gotta help me out.  Let me know which costumes you like.

Of the 4 wenches up top.  My favorite is the on on the far right.  Love the hat, and the mid-riff showing. That makes a great pirate look.   For that matter the costume on the one on the far left is nice too.  She just doesn’t have a hat.  A pirate lass needs a hat!   That is  pretty much the cherry on top for the total pirate look.  The gal wearing the blue costume,  second from the left, might be a nice costume to see on some local pirate babes, and of course the one second from the right will surely be someones favorite.  Pink is always a good color on a gal.

So those are my four favorites.  Let me know what you think  And as I said, you can always go to the website that I mentioned above to see some other examples.  Whatever you come up with I will find some  local gals to model them for me.    Then I will show them off here.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Comment soon.

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Sexy Pirates: The Movie (1998)


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Hilary Duff: Bootyliscious Bootlegger Celeb of The Week

Hilary Duff

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Bootyliscious Bootlegger: Angelina JoliE

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie: Bootyliscious Bootlegger Celeb of The Week



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Bootyliscious Bootleggers: Charlize Theron

charlize theron

The First Mate’s Plunder


CHARLIZE THERON - a wee little peek at this here lass when you far from shore is like hardtack on a long dry haul.

Aye, alas! After many a toil and tivvy, I found me’self some fair weathered wenchly diversion to ease the torments of sailing these high seas!

‘Twas a seven day sail in fair winds short of the Barbary coast, when me first mate (a picaroon name Brett, who took cover beneath the black sails fleeing a sentence of indentured servitude) put his elbow deep to me rattling ribs and nudged a small treasure trove toward me while he shouldered a shady sideways sneer about to see that no beady eye fell upon what he thence showed me.

My one good eye that’s left could scarce believe the wonders it beheld! For there, in the shade of the lazy helm, lay in Brett’s palms pictures of the finest wenches that me one good eye has ever left itself upon.

And thus, by some stroke of luck,  I’d found me’self some fair weathered wenchly diversion from the torments of the high seas at last!


Our Rum-Stewed Captain Robbed

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Bootyliscious Bootleggers: Scarlett Johannsson

Scarlett Johansson

All Hands on Deck! Captain SCARLETT JOHANNSONN at the Helm!

A Seven Seas Search for Wily Pirate Wenches

Ahoy me maties and all ye landlubbing bilge rats! I’ve sailed the seven seas (and even dared near-death dances with Jack Ketch) in search of some nubile celeb lasses to bribe the provost for more shore leave, and help ease the strains of scurvy and the tedium of the long voyage.

Aye, a rarity they are too save for those fading green lasses that were tattooed onto old Big Bob’s foreman with a rusty needle while he waited to dance the hempen jig at Fort Charles’ jail. (That was of course before he escaped the noose and took to the seas amongst the Brethren of the Coast!)

But alas! I’ve found me’self some fair weathered wenchly diversion from the torments of the high seas at last!

SCARLETT JOHANNESSON surely shivers the timbers in her buccaneers finery! Keep posted for more me lovelies.


A Picaroon’s Surpise


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Pure Retro Hollywood Pirate Attitude….

Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones....

Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones – 1973























Tamara Dobson could easily wing it a a pirate in an under-cover stint on the high seas.  

“She handles a car like a gun. She handles a gun like a man. And she handles a man like Cleopatra…” 


(Credit to oldhollywood on Tumblr  &










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How to Bring Out The Hot Pirate-Babe in the Girl Next Door



Swashbuckling Cocktails for Hot Pirate Honeys







Pirate’s loved Rum and used it for everything from curing winter chills to doctoring cutlass wounds. The best use for a pirate’s stash of Rum, however, was to rob prim of ladies of their very last ounce of reservation! As the old pirates’ shanty goes:

“Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Drink

and the devil had done for the rest

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.”

(…and you can wager good coin that the bottle of rum on the dead man’s chest was meant to appease the devil if he turned out to be a lady!)





“Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker!”




Even Jack Sparrow will agree that nothing shivers the timbers like a randy romp with a buxom buccaneer babe! Although these randy ladies are as rare today as they were in Pirating’s heydays, the old pirate’s saying that: “Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker” is a handy tip to use.


Marauder’s Mojito

Pretty & potent, put your Bacardi Rum to good use unleashing a Pirate-Babe in the Girl-Next-Door!


2 tsp sugar 6-8 mint leaves
Club soda
1 lime, halved
2 oz light rum
Mint sprig for garnish


Throw sugar, mint leaves & a little club soda into a highball glass.

Mix well to dissolve sugar & release minty flavor.

Squeeze juice from both lime halves into the glass.

Drop one lime half into the glass.

Splash in the Rum, and don’t be shy now sailor!

Give it a good stir, add ice, top up with club soda & garnish with a sprig of mint.





Potent Potion for a Bevy of Beauties

When you’ve got a bevy of beauties to choose from, the Flaming Volcano is perfect for the job!



Flaming Volcano


1 ounce light rum1 US fluid ounce (30 ml) brandy
1 US fluid ounce (30 ml)
over-proof rum (e.g., Bacardi 151)
4 US fluid ounces (120 ml)
Orange juice
2 US fluid ounces (60 ml)
lemon juice, unsweetened
2 US fluid ounces (60 ml)
almond flavored syrup


Combine all ingredients with 2 scoops of crushed ice in a blender, blend briefly, and then pour into the “volcano bowl”.

Pour some rum into the central crater of the volcano bowl and light it.

For garnish score pineapple or orange slices with a knife and insert onto rim of bowl; (OR add maraschino cherries to the main drink.)

Multiply recipe to adjust to the size of the container.





The world has changed a lot since pirates ruled the high seas… Was a time when bootlegging bands ruled the seas from the Caribbean to the Cape of Storms.

Nowadays, marauding ships and daring high sea heists are confined to the smooth seas of the coast of Somalia.


Yet, no matter how things change on the high seas, one thing you can be sure of is that a bottle of rum remains the pirate’s magic potion!

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Sexy Pirate Stripper Pole Dance Video

For many of you reading this, you may think this blog is nothing more than a website where you can look at pictures of hot girls wearing cute pirate costumes.   Well, I’m not going to argue with the fact that you will find plenty of those types of pictures on this website, but one of my other major goals for this site is to give women ideas for cute pirate costumes they can wear on Halloween.  But, if a girl is going to dress up like a slutty pirate, they should at least know how to dance in a provocative manner.

I was lucky enough to come across this video the other day on YouTube of a personal trainer named Veena who teaches women how to pole dance.  You can check out her company including online video lessons at  She is very cute and knows how to dance like no other.  The fact that she was doing a sexy pirate pole dance in full pirate attire made my day.  Here is the video:

Video courtesy of

If you come across anymore videos of girls who know how to dance like a pirate, be sure to comment below or send me the video to post on the site.

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