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Were there really any Female Pirates?

Posted by on June 17, 2013

While this website is mainly for the purpose of showing off sexy pirate girls from around the world, I think it is also important to discuss the real history of female pirates.  So, the question I am going to answer is: Were there really any female pirates in history?

While there is very little information about female pirates in the history books, we do know for sure that there were some well-known female pirates that helped to navigate the seven seas.  Perhaps the most famous female pirate is Calico Jack Rackham’s mistress and shipmate Anne Bonny.  While much of what we know about her is speculation, there are some accounts that this fiery redhead was both beautiful and viscous.  anne_bonny_hcp_50


To read more about Anne Bonny, check out this entry on the Wikipedia.

Male pirates did not let women travel with them very often because of a few significant reasons.  The most important reason is because women did not get as much much respect from men during this period of time and were thought to only cause trouble among the crew.  Also, life on a boat was very physically demanding, which caused the pirate males to treat the women as a hindrance.   The women who did become pirates often dressed in masculine clothing to try to blend in more.

You can read more about real female pirates in this Wikipedia page.

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