Were there really any Female Pirates?

While this website is mainly for the purpose of showing off sexy pirate girls from around the world, I think it is also important to discuss the real history of female pirates.  So, the question I am going to answer is: Were there really any female pirates in history?

While there is very little information about female pirates in the history books, we do know for sure that there were some well-known female pirates that helped to navigate the seven seas.  Perhaps the most famous female pirate is Calico Jack Rackham’s mistress and shipmate Anne Bonny.  While much of what we know about her is speculation, there are some accounts that this fiery redhead was both beautiful and viscous.  anne_bonny_hcp_50


To read more about Anne Bonny, check out this entry on the Wikipedia.

Male pirates did not let women travel with them very often because of a few significant reasons.  The most important reason is because women did not get as much much respect from men during this period of time and were thought to only cause trouble among the crew.  Also, life on a boat was very physically demanding, which caused the pirate males to treat the women as a hindrance.   The women who did become pirates often dressed in masculine clothing to try to blend in more.

You can read more about real female pirates in this Wikipedia page.

If you have any more input on this subject, please leave your comments below.

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Playboy Pirate Costumes

I was excited to learn today that Playboy has entered into the Halloween costume arena!  I personally can’t think of a better company to design the ultimate sexy pirate girl costume.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, it looks like they are making some incredible costumes and I can’t wait to see all of the girls wearing them out to the costume contests at the clubs this year!

Without further ado, here are the Playboy pirate costumes I was able to find while looking around the internet:

Playboy Pirate Costume

Playboy Pirate Costume


Well, the name says it all…”Playboy Pirate Costume”.  What college girl wouldn’t want that!


Playboy Buccaneer Beauty Pirate Costume

Playboy Buccaneer Beauty Pirate Costume


I love the little eye patch with the Playboy symbol on it.  I’m not sure if you know this, but pirates actually did wear eye patches to help their eyes adjust quicker if they had to quickly go downstairs in a pirate ship.


Playboy Sexy Pirate Costume

Playboy Sexy Pirate Costume


I have a feeling that this will be the most popular one.  Beautiful looking costume modeled very nicely!

Playboy Swashbuckler Pirate Costume

Playboy Swashbuckler Pirate Costume


This looks to be a little more conservative pirate attire.  I like it though.  A little more realistic to what they might have worn.


Playboy High Seas Honey Costume

Playboy High Seas Honey Costume


This pirate costume looks a little more like a naval uniform.  I love the bustier!


I’ve heard that Playboy has even more pirate costumes in their collection, so if you know of any, send them on over to add to this list.

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Sexy Pirate Demotivational Posters

I love demotivational posters!  I’m sure you’ve come across them in the past and perhaps didn’t know they were called “Demotivational Posters”.  Well, I came across a couple today that were about sexy pirates, so I thought I would show them off here.

Sexy Pirate Demotivational Poster

Sexy Pirates: They don’t need weapons!

When I see a poster like this, it makes me wonder how many truly sexy pirates there were back in the glory days a couple of hundred years ago.  I have a feeling that it would be pretty tough to find an actual pirate that looked like this.


Sexy Pirates: When did you last see a ninja this sexy?

The creator of this poster has a good point, I’ve seen very few sexy ninjas!

Pirates: When was the last time you aw a ninja with wenches.

Pirates: When was the last time you aw a ninja with wenches.


Pirates: Unlike invisible ninjas, there are at least five jokes involving "plunder" and "booty" in this pic.

Pirates: Unlike invisible ninjas, there are at least five jokes involving “plunder” and “booty” in this pic.

The pirate babe in the picture above sure looks like Kim Kardashian.  Not sure if it is her or not?  If you know, comment below and let us know.

Pirates Vs. Ninjas - There's no way on God's green Earth that a ninja will ever look this sexy.

Pirates Vs. Ninjas – There’s no way on God’s green Earth that a ninja will ever look this sexy.


If you find anymore sexy pirate demotivational posters, let me know and I will post them here.  Unfortunately, because the posters above were plastered all over the internet, I was unable to give the creators the credit they deserve.

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